How to write and send a card?


1/ have a look to the other cards to get an idea

2/ Content :

Often times the card is the conclusion of a chat on the Apper forum :

In this case, it is important to mention the links dealing with the subject. In order to keep details of the discussion, everyone can add other ideas and analysis.

3/Prepare a card to the html format

-Do not: use Word and record under html, use frontpage

-Name a file index htm, get your jpeg photos ready max 150 ko

4/Prepare a pdf format card

It's very easy, the only drawback is the size of the file.

 - use Open Office Writer (Openoffice : free, easy, works fine, you can even open Word files)

-write down the card and record under (.odt)

-then file/pdf format

5/ Send you work to: 
ramses.solaire at  

They will put it on line.

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