Get the book on renewable energy for your public library

    Our association is very well known on the web, unfortunately too many have no access to it, which is why since 2007 we offer to your public library for free our book on thermal solar energy . Following the recent publication of our book, Install a heater or a solar water heater · Publisher: Eyrolles ISBN: 978-2212122794, this year we continue the action with this item.

    How does it work?

    2 solutions:

    Solution 1: We offer it, it does only cost you a little bit of your time. Contact Claude Mandrill by mail: send him your name and address, also specify the name, address of the public library and its contact name . The book will be sent to you. Upon receipt, you'll also need to get the receipt signed by the library contact. Then send the receipt back to Claude:

    Claude Mandrille

    Le Cabanon

    Route de Lambruisse

    04170 Saint-André les Alpes

    claude.mandrille arobase