How to submit a program and / or tutorial?


1 - See other report to get an idea

2 - Contents:
Prepare the tutorial or explanation of the program:

. use html format,

. Do not: use Word and save as HTML, use frontpage
. appoint an index.htm file, prepare the photos. jpg 150kb max, the file index can point to any other file format, place all in one place on a pdf form.

it's very easy, the only drawback is the file size
- Use Open Office Writer from OpenOffice (it's free, it's easy and it works, and you can even open word files ...)
- Use Word
- Write the page, save it in native format (. Odt or doc.), We will export it as a PDF file prior to the publication.

3 - Add Program

4 - Send it to the moderator of the topic: at

He will put it on line.


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